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Net-Blocker NB-10: Internet Filter and Monitor

Net-Blocker NB-10: Internet Filter and Monitor

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  • Block web sites, peer-to-peer file sharing, video and music streaming or Skype and MSN in the home or office.
  • Increase business productivity by blocking access to Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Set times when the Internet can be accessed and set bandwidth usage speeds.
  • Works with all devices including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets and games consoles.
  • No software to install, no subscription fees, no hidden costs.
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Net-Blocker products were developed to address a demand from schools, businesses and government agencies for a low cost product that restricts access to selected web sites and Internet services.

A wide range of low-cost web site blocking and firewall products are available in the market, however most are difficult to configure and manage, requiring installation by IT technicians or networking specialists. The Net-Blocker simply plugs between the users and the DSL/cable modem and displays a setup wizard so that blocking services can be set up.

The Net-Blocker filtering technology can block encrypted web sites (HTTP and HTTPS). Net-Blocker products can also block Torrent file-sharing software, eliminating any ISP threats to disconnect the Internet service at hotels, schools or businesses.

Net-Blocker products are easily installed by business owners, managers, schoolteachers, librarians and parents. Business owners and managers should benefit from improved productivity that Net-Blocker gives by eliminating wasted time with web sites not related to work.

Net-Blocker is connected between the users and the Internet connection and filters all requests for web sites. Net-Blocker is installed by unplugging all the computers from the DSL or cable service, then connecting Net-Blocker to the DSL or cable router. Finally all the computers are connected to Net-Blocker either directly or via a wireless network. Additional switch or wireless access point may be required.

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