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WiFi Hot Spot technology

Improving the reliability of WiFi Hotspots

Posted on February 5, 2011 by John

Any machine will fail sooner or later. Failure usually follows the ‘bathtub curve’. When new equipment is installed then there is an initial high failure rate followed by a long period of time with a low failure rate. Finally failures … Continue reading →

Stop illegal downloads over your WiFi Hotspot

Posted on February 5, 2011 by John

Illegal file sharing is downloading or forwarding a copyrighted file. The organization that protects copyrighted products of the music and film industry is the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). File sharing requires specific software installed on a computer: programs … Continue reading →

Prevent WiFi Hotspot abuse: set speed limits

Posted on February 5, 2011 by John

One problem of providing a WiFi Hotspot service is that a few people will abuse the service to the detriment of others. While most guests and visitors want to check email or see a travel timetable, a few users are … Continue reading →

Make your Internet Hotspot service family friendly

Posted on February 4, 2011 by John

WiFi Hotspots are installed in public places and a risk exists that one user might be offended at the websites that another user is looking at. Children might also be using the Internet service therefore some type of parental control … Continue reading →

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