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User Management

The GIS units offer a range of user management tools, to provide more control over the network.

The main features are:


Code Limit


You can limit user access by:

  • Time (seconds)
  • Data (MB)
  • Bandwidth (Kbps)


You can limit user access by:

  • Time (seconds)
  • Data (MB)
  • Bandwidth (Kbps)


Content Filter:

Content filtering ensures that Internet surfing is family friendly.

Any attempt to access sites that have undesirable content (e.g. adult sites) for viewing in public places such as hotel lobbies, libraries or schools is blocked; providing the web sites are being viewed using domain names rather than IP addresses.

Guest Internet Solutions partners with a 3rd party content filtering service, OpenDNS, who maintains a current list of web sites to block.

For more information please go to the OpenDNS Website:

Block users:

Any user currently logged in to your network can be prevented from accessing the Internet by adding the MAC address of that user on the blocked MAC address list.

To add a MAC address to the blocked list, you first need to go to the Connected users on the Admin interface and click on the red rectangle.

Block MAC address

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