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Resellers Wanted: Become a GIS partner

Becoming a GIS Partner

Becoming a reseller with Guest Internet Solutions you receive:

    • Discounts on units of up to 25%

    • Sales, Marketing and Training resources to enable to you to sell effectively

    • Direct support from our experienced team based in the UK and US. We now also have the GIS documentation resources allowing you to search our knowledge-base for answers.

What are the benefits?

  • Big discounts on products give you a large margin

  • Plug and play installation, so no need for on-site installs

  • US and UK based offices for direct support and short lead-times on purchases

  • 1 year warranty provided on all products, allowing you to sell in confidence

T & Cs

Click here to read the reseller terms and conditions

Logo Guest Internet  Why Guest Internet?

Guest Internet Solutions has been selling guest hotspot gateways for over 10 years

  • Access to a simple programme of rewards and loyalty, with no lengthy contracts, fees or commitments

  • Sales, Marketing and Training resources

  • A partner portal so you can monitor your leads and income in real-time. Coming soon

  • WorkMobile and co-branded collateral for your customer marketing

  • We offer a single monthly payment reflecting the average recurring revenue of the lead passed onto us. Please speak to one of the dedicated reseller support team to discuss our referral programme in more detail.

Lets Get Started

1. Enter your details in the form to begin

2. We will reply with a starter pack to include a pricesheet and reseller agreement form

3. Once signed and returned we can provide marketing material, support and other resources to get you started

4. Display the GIS authorized reseller logo on your website and we will add you to our list of resellers here
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