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Make your Internet Hotspot service family friendly

Posted on February 4, 2011 by John
Family Friendly

WiFi Hotspots are installed in public places and a risk exists that one user might be offended at the websites that another user is looking at. Children might also be using the Internet service therefore some type of parental control is required to make the Internet service family friendly.

A family friendly Internet service can be provided by installing a GIS-K1 Internet gateway with the OpenDNS content filtering service activated. Open DNS is the leading content filtering service and offers options from a simple free service to a $5000/year corporate service that has bells and whistles.

The WiFi Hotspot operator creates a free or paid OpenDNS account using the OpenDNS website, the account selection page is shown below.


When the OpenDNS account has been created the username and password is provided for the GIS-K1. Finally the activate box is checked to start the service. The GIS-K1 activation page is shown below.

GIS-K1 activation page

The GIS-K1 WiFi Hotspot is installed in the business premises as shown in the diagram below:


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