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Login Tokens

By using a Login Token is easy to control who is allowed to use the Internet service of a business.

It is possible to give free tokens or sell them to guests and provide wireless Internet as a paid service.

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Why are they useful: 

The tokens can be established per user or per group of users and customise the limits for each code.

It is possible to limit time, bandwidth and data to keep usage at a level that the Internet connect can handle. It also allows you to keep track of users.

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How to make tokens

How to use them: 

There are four code types to be selected:

  • Random: a random code is generated by the unit
  • Custom: a code can be created with the length limit of 10 characters
  • Description: a description can be made for a randomly generated code
  • MAC address: manually enter a device’s MAC address. This device will then automatically be allowed on the Internet.

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