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GIS Cloud

Cloud Connecting devices

The GIS Cloud permits any customer to log into their personal portal from anywhere, then monitor and manage all of their GIS products.

When a new GIS product is being installed it will give the option to create a new Cloud account or register the product with an existing Cloud account. Then access the Cloud portal to monitor and manage the product.

Manage remotely:

Manage Remotely tablet

Access any GIS product from anywhere by logging in to the personal portal. No need to modify network settings, no need to configure port forwarding. The Cloud connects transparently.

Manage many as one:

The GIS Cloud permits many products to be managed as one group. Look at the groups stats, change the group settings. It’s like having one big GIS product spread over many locations.

GIS Cloud Interface

Cloud Monitoring

The Cloud portal can send an email alarm when any product fails to connect to the Cloud, to facilitate support and maintenance.

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